Millwick exterior illustration


Originally built as a livery and then used as a cold-storage warehouse, Millwick has reinvented itself as a unique stand alone, super-loft open to live performances, private events, outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, exhibitions and productions. It now boasts a flowing 7,000 square foot floor plan (4,500 sq ft interior + 2,500 sq ft garden courtyard) melding both interior and exterior areas. Millwick is an excellent event venue and wedding site for up to 175 people for live performances, ceremonies and receptions. Located in downtown Los Angeles in the heart of the Arts District, Millwick is convenient to many of the best new and historic hotels, restaurants and nightlife the city has to offer.

What’s so green about Millwick?

Millwick is green because it has reinvented a centrally located, nearly abandoned 80-year-old building that is convenient to a variety of public transportation including the Gold Line and Union Station. The impact from demolition and construction was lessened by using as much of the existing structure as possible. This design reduced the original building’s footprint by 25%, converted the outdoor area into a permeable living oasis, and created a beautiful, rustic destination wedding venue as well as an ideal environment for film productions and private events.

The strategically located courtyard doors and skylights provide passive lighting, as well as cooling and heating that minimize energy usage throughout the year by taking full advantage of the sunny, breezy, southern California climate. Millwick encourages and supports green events and can introduces clients to planners and caterers with sustainable practices. Finally Millwick’s multi-use design lowers its environmental footprint – one building performs many uses.

Site Plan(s)

Millwick Site Plan